Anaesthetic Sore Throat Spray,
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Numbs in seconds
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Our Products

Ultra Chloraseptic provides fast-acting relief from sore throats. Our pocket-sized sprays contain the active ingredient benzocaine, which is a local anaesthetic that gets to work directly where it hurts, without numbing your whole mouth. Each bottle comes with a convenient swivel head, which can be adjusted to help ensure targeted application of the spray. Simply spray and enjoy gentle yet effective relief in seconds. Choose from a choice of flavours too. You can try our cherry, blackcurrant, honey and lemon or original menthol.

Ultra Chloraseptic comes in compact bottles that are convenient to use on the move, but don’t be fooled by their handy size. You’ll get over 100 sprays of sore throat relief from each bottle. While your body fights off your cough or cold, you can help to keep the pain of a sore throat at bay with Ultra Chloraseptic, wherever you are. Our benzocaine sprays are suitable for adults and teens, as well as children aged six and above when supervised by an adult.

What our customers say…

Don’t Let a Sore Throat Ruin Your Day

A sore throat that hangs around for days isn’t just painful and inconvenient, it can also interfere with work and disrupt your social life. If your throat is scratchy and swallowing is painful, you may want to take action now. Your family can fight back against sore throats with our range of products.

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