Our Throat Spray Range

When a painful sore throat strikes, take action with Ultra Chloraseptic throat sprays.

They’re fast-acting, convenient and available in a variety of flavours. Take your pick from cherry, blackcurrant, honey and lemon and original menthol. Our anaesthetic throat sprays are suitable for use for children aged six and above, so if you or someone in your family is struggling to fight a sore throat caused by a cough or cold, don’t let this spoil your day. Simply apply Ultra Chloraseptic directly to the site of pain, and you can experience a numbing effect that soothes and relieves your sore throat.

Anaesthetic Throat Spray

Ultra Chloraseptic has a convenient spray action that delivers the active ingredient straight to where it hurts. Our anaesthetic sprays contain a local anaesthetic called benzocaine. When applied to the source of pain, this ingredient produces a numbing sensation which can relieve the discomfort within seconds. A few sprays to the back of the throat for adults and teens aged 13+ (or one spray for children aged 6-12) and you can notice the effect quickly. The spray is also targeted, so only produces a numbing sensation in the throat, rather than your whole mouth.


Our Blackcurrant benzocaine spray has a fruity flavour and delivers fast, effective relief from your sore throat.

Original Menthol

Enjoy the fresh flavour of our Original Menthol throat spray, which relieves pain within seconds while also providing a minty taste.

Children’s Blackcurrant

If your kids hate taking tablets for sore throats, our Children’s Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray might change their minds. It’s sugar-free too.

Honey & Lemon

Our soothing Honey & Lemon benzocaine throat spray offers a classic flavour combination while relieving the pain of a sore throat.


Featuring a fruity taste, this fast-acting spray provides quick, convenient relief from the irritating pain of a sore throat.