About Ultra Chloraseptic

With a history dating back four decades, Ultra Chloraseptic has become a well-known and trusted name in sore throat treatments. Convenient to use and available from many shops and pharmacies, this numbing throat spray is the product of choice for many people suffering from the pain and inconvenience of a sore throat.

Simply spray day or night for fast results – and because it is a spray rather than a lozenge, when you use it at night, you don’t have to sit up waiting for it to dissolve and there is no risk of choking.

Don’t let a sore throat get in the way of your plans. Just reach for our trusted brand of anaesthetic throat sprays to help relieve your symptoms so that you can carry on with life as normal.

Targeted sore throat relief

Featuring the local anaesthetic benzocaine, our sprays deliver sore throat relief to where it is most needed. When your throat feels painful or scratchy, or you are finding it uncomfortable to swallow, simply apply the spray to the affected area for targeted relief within seconds. For total ease of use, our anaesthetic throat sprays feature a swivel head applicator for maximum precision. This helps ensure the benzocaine gets to work exactly where it hurts, without making the rest of your mouth numb.

The Ultra Chloraseptic range includes four flavours – Cherry, Blackcurrant, Honey and Lemon, and Original Menthol. There is also a children’s version available in Blackcurrant. All are sugar-free.

Available from a wide range of retailers

Our fast-acting anaesthetic throat sprays aren’t just easy to use; they are also easy to buy. You can purchase them from a range of retailers, including various supermarkets and high street shops. They are available from most local pharmacies too.

Discover more

If you would like to know more about Ultra Chloraseptic and the products we offer, you can browse our website or contact our friendly and professional team.


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